Welcome to the new healthy you

This is a complete program to change your eating. The food we eat is triggered by our hormones and other factors.

Through education we all can take control of our eating habits and with this our health.


Here is a list of costs. We are doing this as close to cost as we can. This is special pricing for you. Please do not share this pricing with others. As we open this up later prices will go up due to cost of overhead and operational costs.

To get started you wil need;

  • The program - $200
  • The book - $25
  • The workbook - $25
  • Optional item

  • Food alergy test (900+ items) - $150
  • Functional Foods (Prices vary)
  • Included

  • Privite Facebook group
  • Marco Polo check in group
  • To get started

    Call or email Mike.

    This is an education program. It requires effort to make this transformation in your life.

    There are weekly zoom training meetings on Wednesdays. Food tracking and weigh-ins are key.

    Call me for more details.